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Villa Suriya Medicare Centre

Taqwa Holistic Wellness PLT (LLP0021114-LGN) was established in August 2019, led by Dr Nur Asyhraff Mohd Noor and Dr Aimi Jaafar. Both are medical doctors who are interested in the treatment of general patients, mothers and children. They were given guidance and advice by a homeopathic physician, Dr Suriyakhatun Osman. Dr Aimi Jaafar currently runs the Taqwa Clinic, next to Integrated Homeopathy at Ostia Bangi Bussiness Avenue.

The Taqwa Clinic and Homeopathy Integration, which has been in operation since Sept 2015, is a brainchild of Dr Suriyakhatun herself who wants to see a combination of Traditional and Complementary medicine that can be harmonized with modern medicine, and provide more options for patients. Therefore, we have established the Tusuk Jari Villa Suriya (shortform TJVS). TJVS is a combination of acupressure therapists with our modern doctors and homeopathy for the health care of the mother and the newborns.

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Dato’ Dr Suriyakhatun

"Villa Suriya is in line with my vision of making purposeful choices of rejecting the current practises of the health and food industry which has become enamoured to chemicals and drugs. The chemicals being used in processed foods and medicine is a burden to the body’s innate ability to heal itself and chronic diseases are beoming common."

"Hence at Villa Suriya we go back to that which is healing and rejuvenating without resorting to chemicals and drugs which harm the body and the environment without sacrificing good medical practices and practicality. This is reflected in the services we offer. It is to be hoped that more people in Malaysia will become aware of the dangers of the food industry which put profit over safety and opt for better choices even if it costs more. The power is with the people and it is not impossible that the industry will change according to market demands. This is our small effort to initiate that change."


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