ONE-STOP Center For Holistic, External And Internal Health Concerns.

Villa Suriya is a combination of acupressure therapists with our modern doctors and homeopathy for the health care of the mother and the newborns.


our Services

We see ourselves as a lifestyle support for everyone & provide the best confinement services to moms with our own confinement center facilities

Stay in Villa Suriya Confinement

Our packages start from RM1550! Let us take care of you and your newborn from our centre!

Bilik Kasturi Katil King single

We Come to your house

Or maybe you prefer your confinement to be done at your home. Our team will come to you!

Bilik Kejora

Jaundice package

Need to worry for needle prick and long duration phototherapy! We can your newborn level by scanni their skin, with blood test if necessary. Plus, our bilirubin blanket will make sure your baby will sleep well.

Spoil yourself with our Spa

Our traditional and acupressure massages are suitable for all women at all age, pregnant or not. Need not to worry, bring your children along and we will take care of them

Bilik Kirana (Spa) (2)

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Comfortable & Safe Facilities!

Exclusive for Mother and Woman

  • Mother with postnatal depression among during confinement
  • Mother with failure technique of breastfeeding after delivery
  • Woman and family to cope with emotional problem and pamper them in our centre (Spa, emotional treatment)
  • Woman seeking for organic products

Happy Customers...

"“Tusuk Jari lebih best daripada urutan. Tusukannya kena tepat pada point-point yang perlu. Sedapnya rasa badan."

- Puan Athirah

"Never been such a good place and services with such affordable price. Thanks to my husband for choosing a very good place for my confinement period."

- Aini

"Jemputlah kaum wanita di Putrajaya ...dapatkan sentuhan professional di Villa Suriya Precint 16...terasa perbezaan Nya Alhamdulillah...."

- Datin Seri Azlin Hezri, isteri YB Menteri Kesihatan